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    Fitness Power Pack

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    Enough of the good stuff to keep you going all month long. 1 bottle of SeaBD and 3 X 250g serving size bags of the essentials to keep you fit and ready for the gym and life! SeaBD AAKG Glutamine BCAA
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    Our premier product SeaBD is a powerful formulation of the worlds leading organically sourced nutrients which support:
    • Healthy Heart and Cardiovascular Function

    • Relieves Inflammation & Joint Pain

    • Promotes Brain Health

    • Lowers Cholesterol

    • Promotes Detoxification

    • Boosts Overall Health


    An optimal combination of non-GMO, sustainably sourced organic nutrients including:
    • Krill Oil

    • Hemp Oil

    • Astaxanthin

    • Hemp Terpenes

    • Curcumin

    • CoQ10

    • Biopiperine

    • Lemon Oil