CBD, the subject of much research for being somewhat of a miracle substance and mainly derived from industrial hemp plant is an oil in its natural form. As you must know, oil and water don’t mix well and CBD oil isn’t water soluble. Therefore, it must go through a specialized process in order to convert the CBD oil over into a water-soluble product.

This is a very important step because the human body is made up almost entirely of water. This presents an issue when ingesting CBD oil and have it work in the human body. Water-soluble products are much more easily absorbed into the body and much less product is required to achieve the desired effects.

Oil products work well on the skin’s surface, however, when ingesting them, a huge issue is presented. To combat this issue, some companies such as Organic Supply have begun to design water-soluble forms of CBD oils.

CBD products that are edible should all be water-soluble forms of the CBD oil.

Keep in mind too, that if you’re using water-soluble CBD oil, you’ll be getting a full dose so never take more than your body requires. Always start with the smallest dosage possible and if you don’t feel any effects within 2 hours, take another small dose.

Always focus on how you’ll be using your CBD and how often you’ll be taking it. Remember, it takes up to 2 hours to feel the full effects of CBD oil and the right dosage will help you to get the full benefits of your dose.